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  Speck PixelSkin HD    First impressions: Packaging of the case seems impressive, as always, Speck do a great job in presentation for retail stores. But for us, its more about whats inside that matters.   Precision cut is what make Speck products stand apart, that's ... Read More
May 19, 2011
We will soon be stock Hard Candy iPhone and iPod cases !  It's not a big range but they offer great value for a respectable price tag.  Overall, Hard candy cases are good quality cases with unique design.  It's also time for me to change over my iPhone 4 case to something new! ... Read More
May 19, 2011
This is really exciting news! We're excited to launch the latest speck products for iPad and iPhone - Guaranteed the best prices in Aust! Most of all, because we are official resellers in Oz, you will be provided with full manufactures warranty. Speck are now offering a free screen protector f... Read More
May 12, 2011
One thing i enjoy most about retailing is the chance to review every product you sell, consider this as the perks of the trade. In the coming weeks, my aim is to review all the latest products on market and give users my personal opinion about whats hot or not. I'm also excited to say we will ... Read More
May 04, 2011
May 04, 2011

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