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We are living in uncertain times and it goes without saying, there are news flash about people fighting over toilet paper and pantry items. Fortunately we are past the chaos, but the closure of airports and restriction on movement means there are more hiccups and delays in the coming weeks  ... Read More
May 10, 2020
Nomad have created both a beautiful and functional product in the Modern Strap and, as usual, have packaged it beautifully too (making the buying experience just that little extra bit special). Like all leather products from Nomad, the Modern Strap is crafted from Horween leather, which is made u... Read More
February 15, 2020
Right from picking up the box, the Nomad Rugged Tri-Folio just oozes luxury; unpacking the integrated-wallet case feels not dissimilar to opening a new iPhone. Behind the gorgeous packaging lies a tri-fold folio-style case, made from a polycarbonate body with a TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) bumpe... Read More
February 06, 2020
  OtterBox: the brand synonymous with top-notch protection and pure drop-kickability.   But not always known for their style.   Happily, this is a trend that OtterBox have been working hard to change for some years now, and the most recent edition of the Strada for Samsung S10... Read More
December 02, 2019
Consumer product testing company Which? last week announced the results of its investigation into battery performance over a range of popular handsets, contrasted against the claimed battery life from the handset manufacturer. The results were particularly damning for Apple.   Which? exper... Read More
May 26, 2019
So, still waiting (and waiting… and waiting…) for Apple Pay to hit your country and/or banking institution? Like many, we here at GB too are trapped sitting in the same boat, somewhere back in the technological dark ages of phone banking and online pay where only the Neanderthals st... Read More
May 17, 2019
May 17, 2019
Which Case Is Best For Me? Lite, Medium & Heavy-Duty options to suit everyone   Lite Cases If you’re the type of person that really would prefer that your phone didn’t have a case on it at all, but don’t want to risk scratches or nicks, the Lite level of protection ... Read More
May 06, 2019
So, you’ve either forked over a big wad of cash, or 2 years of your life in a contract, and now have your hot little hands on a brand spanking new iPhone XS or XS Max. Given the record-breaking cost of your new handset, now is certainly not the time to skimp on a few sheckles for exactly th... Read More
September 25, 2018
Apple Watch Series 4 Despite the ongoing clamour from Apple Watch fans for a round display, the newest iteration, the Apple Watch Series 4, is back in the classic square shape sported by all previous generations. Fans will, however, be granted their second most popular request, a larger display.... Read More
September 17, 2018
2.         iPhone XR Whilst the rumoured specs on the iPhone XR were reasonably close to the money, the moniker was not. Dubbed everything from the iPhone 9 to the iPhone XC, the iPhone XR was launched in three memory sizes, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB, rather t... Read More
September 16, 2018

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