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What You Will Love & Loathe About the Ozaki iStroke L+


What You Will Love & Loathe About the Ozaki iStroke L+


It’s a 2 for 1 deal. Being a big stylus user I love the idea of combining a pen and stylus into one. The number of times I’ve been in tutorials at uni, happily writing away on my iPad, and had to go digging for a pen to sign the attendance register for example are inumberable. With the iStroke I can just invert my stylus, use the pen, and then flip it right back around to go back to note taking on my iPad.


The pen is refillable. It was the very first thing I checked, coz what’s the use of a built in pen if you can’t replace the ink cartridge when it runs out? As usual, Ozaki are on top of this utilising a standard ink refill cartridge that you can readily pick up at your local newsagents.


It feels great in the hand. The aluminium body is weighted just right and the thickness is bang on so it’s really easy to adapt to using this stylus over a pen. It feels substantial and balanced, unlike many styli that feel like hollow $2 shop purchase.


It’s good lookin’. It has a very professional look and is available in 3 colours, though they are all essentially shades of grey – black, metallic and white (though the latter really looks like silver to me). It would be nice to see some additional colour choices like its little brother, the L has.




The stylus tip. OK, loathe is probably too strong a word because overall, this is a pretty good stylus/pen combination. However, the stylus tip is the classic hollow rubber ball model that typically doesn’t provide very good accuracy or feel all that crash hot when using it. This stylus is no exception unfortunately so if you’re looking for precision this isn’t the stylus for you.


The pen cap. I am nitpicking a little here but having somewhere to put the pen cap when you’re using the ink side is actually pretty high on my priority list because when you drop something in row upon row of other people at uni it’s pretty dang hard to retrieve it. Because the iStroke is aluminium neither the stylus nor the pen cap will stick to the magnets in the iPad screen like, for example, an Adonit Jot Pro will. As such I can see the cap getting lost quite readily.


The Verdict

This stylus is perfect for multi-taskers that have need of both a pen and a general stylus. It’s not accurate enough for you artists out there (stick with a Pogo Sketch Pro arty types) and for someone who writes a lot it will probably be slightly lacking too. However, if you don’t need high end precision and just use your stylus for general purposes you will not find anything lacking, especially when you go from having to carry two tools to only carrying one. Overall, a nice little stylus.

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