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Apple’s March 21 Event – New 4” iPhone & 9.7” iPad


Apple’s March 21 Event – New 4” iPhone & 9.7” iPad

Apple’s much anticipated bi-annual product announcement on March 21st is only a week away now, with invitations being sent out officially last Thursday. The event, hosted at Apple’s Cupertino, California based headquarters, is widely expected to be focussed around the launch of a new, smaller 4” iPhone that will replace the entry level 5s, and a 9.7” iPad.


The iPhone is expected to have a metal-backed, curved-edge design similar to the current 6s, but with extra goodies like an A9 processor and NFC support for Apple Pay, a smart move if Apple really wants to see good uptake of this service, which has thus far been slow to take off. The anticipated moniker is the iPhone SE.


The rumours around the iPad have been a little cloudier, with previous reports suggesting it would be called the iPad Air 3, but the latest gossip being that it will receive the iPad Pro branding of its larger 12.9” sibling. To go with the higher end nomenclature will be an A9X processor, four-speaker array and magnetic Smart Connector.


Also expected are new bands for the Apple Watch and potentially the launch of new MacBooks.

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